Do You Have Hormonal Imbalance?

Hypo/Hyperthyroid Symptom Check - Results

You are likely to be suffering from Hypothyroid.

Low Thyroid

You are probably feeling absolutely exhausted and reading these survey results is hard work as you just can’t seem to concentrate and feel like you must have ADHD! You are also probably sick of cleaning out the waste trap in the bottom of your shower as your hair will be clogging it up. Your libido has probably disappeared and you are fed up with trying to lose weight. All of this is more than likely leaving you feeling a bit low and if you were to describe your symptoms to a doctor they may have suggested antidepressants and a bit of exercise. The most common cause of low thyroid hormones is the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's.

Excess Thyroid

You have probably visited your doctor’s office and complained about some vague or mild symptoms only to be told it's common to feel like that at your age! Your list of symptoms would have included of nervousness, irritability, fatigue, weight issues and muscles aches and you were told to cut back on the coffee, stress less, and do some regular exercise. Your results show that there is a good chance you are suffering from hyperthyroidism.

One of the most common autoimmune conditions is associated with the Thyroid. In fact Hashimoto’s Disease is the number #1 cause of hypothyroidism and on average affects 5 people in every 100.

And unfortunately for us it is at least 8 times more common in women than men. To find out more visit